Why Title Must Be Interesting

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Why Title Must Be Interesting

A title is an important part of a piece of writing. The first thing readers see before reading the entire work is the title, which serves as a representation of the writing’s content. Normative titles are frequently disregarded in the digital domain. When the title of an article is not intriguing enough, readers may be hesitant to read it. In another word, an article with monotonous title will not be accepted in any journals. why title must be interesting

To pique readers’ interest, the title must be intriguing. Additionally, title must be created in a way that is informative and alludes to the research findings . The diction of a title must be composed of formal words. To pique readers’ interest in reading, an informative title must be precise, specific, and use engaging language. The author has to review earlier research to identify any gaps before making an implicit reference to the research findings. You may capture readers’ curiosity and pique their interest to read more by giving your article an intriguing title.


Here are several reasons why title should be interesting:


1. Increases engagement and reading rates

A catchy title can have a positive impact on the performance of the content and encourage more people to click, leave comments, and share the article.

2. Distinguishes the article from the others

A compelling title makes a piece of writing unique. Readers will be more interested and dive into the article.

3. Strengthens branding and business image

A captivating title also affects the business image that illustrates branding and makes readers feel emotionally connected.

4. Improve SEO and position on Google

The right keywords in the title will improve organic search rankings on Google.


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