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JF Book International Publisher is an international book publisher that facilitates authors with various scopes. We focus on helping authors grow and publish the best insightful book worldwide.

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JF Book Publisher services handled by an expert, your book will be handled in short of time and professional working. moreover, we provide global distribution on social media and international marketplace.

Expert Team

JF Book International Publisher has a team of experts, experienced and responsible in various fields

Fast Process

Our team will process the manuscript as soon as possible after the manuscript is submitted.

Global Distribution

The book will be distributed worldwide in international marketplace, website, and google book.

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Open Access with JF International Book Publisher .

JF Book International Publisher is a platform for open access books. We are committed to produce the highest quality book that easily accessible for everyone.

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JF Book Publisher has the vision to publish and distribute the book globally with unlimited editions. If you are interested in publishing your works, please submit your manuscript online and contact us now.

My Services

International Authors .

JF Book Publisher provide two best packages offers for international authors, including self-plan and guided-plan

Self Plan

Independent Package

This package offers authors to publish their manuscript independently with affordable price

Exclude Publisher Fee

Full Color Cover
Cover Design (from author)
Interior Design (from author)
International distribution

Guided Plan

Companion Package

This package offers complete services from the editing process to publication and distribution. The price depends on the chosen plan.

IDR 1,800,000
  • ISBN
  • Mockup
  • Copyright
  • Editing Service
  • International Distribution
  • Free E-Certificate
  • Get 3 Book Sample
IDR 2,500,000
  • ISBN
  • Mockup
  • Copyright
  • Editing Services
  • 2 Cover Design Revision
  • International Distribution
  • Free E-Certificate
  • Get 10 Book Sample
  • Bookmarks & Flyers
  • Social Media Promotion
Best Seller
idr 2,300,000
  • ISBN
  • Mockup
  • Copyright
  • Editing Services
  • 1 Cover Design Revision
  • International Distribution
  • Free E-Certificate
  • Get 5 Book Sample
  • Social Media Promotion

How It Works

The Following Below Is The Manuscript Processing Procedure .

Manuscript Processing Procedures
Read the following step below to understand our publication procedures

Manuscript Checking

The manuscript is sent to our email, after which the manuscript will be checked according to the size of the book based on the selected package.


Our team will send the invoice and author should pay the 50% of the agreed price, exclude with the shipping cost.


Manuscript will be processed including ISBNs and copyright registration. In addition, the author is entitled to book mockups, e-certificate and MOU for book sales (optional).


The delivery process will be conducted after the book is printed and packaged (not for the commercial e-book).


About Us

Learn More About Us .

JF Book International Publisher is an international book publisher that facilitates writers of various genres. We’re focused on helping authors develop and publish the best-informed books worldwide. JF Book Publisher has the largest and fastest unit printing system with DIKTI standards and quality book printing. Google Scholar, Academia, and OSF index our publications. This book will be distributed offline and online through international marketplaces.


Frequently Asked Questions For Internasional Book .

No, we do not accept for free publication.

Your submission will be approved if everything is in order, i.e., complete biography and all of the articles compiled. It will then be sent to the English Editing Team and to the Graphic Design Team. Afterwards, your Reprint manuscript will be returned to you to proofread, and if desired, you can request minor changes. Once you are content with the manuscript, you can request that it be published via email.

Minimum 50 pages is the limit to get a book published.

We have several packages that you are able to check inside our website. If you have further question, you can contact us by email

Self-publishing is the new model for book publishing. In this model, the author is the publisher of his book. The copyright of the book vests with the author. Author can avail the services of various professional service providers for making his manuscript print ready and available online.

A preface is written by the editor of the book and should inform the reader what they are about to read. It also serves as an explanation or justification of why the Reprint exists. The preface does not belong to the body of the Reprint and is a separate part in the beginning before the actual content of the Reprint.

JF Book Publisher provides the option to publish copies of articles that have already been published with JF Book Publisher in book format.

Reprints are compilations of articles from a particular Special Issue, Topical Collection, Topic, or Proceedings of a journal. The closed Special Issue, Topical Collection, Topic, or Proceedings may be published in book form at the Guest Editor’s request. Each Reprint is published online in open access format and printed on demand as a book.

Reprints are a selection of articles that have already been published, chosen by a guest editor. Reprints allow us to expand the Special Issue, Topical Collection, Topic, or Proceedings’ visibility outside of the journal market. We assign a DOI and an ISBN to the publication in order to distribute it globally. Reprints’ descriptions are submitted to worldwide indexing databases and archives.

  • It must have a resolution of at least 1180 x 1475 pixels;
  • A maximum size of 100 Mb is allowed;
  • Reprints covers are allowed to photographs only. Computer-generated pictures and multiple-picture cover images won’t be acceptable in images.
  • Maintaining the copyright is required. You must get authorization before reproducing any work for which you do not have the appropriate copyrights. A “Permission Letter” must be uploaded, you will be requested.

Please note that we cannot edit already published articles, and the content must therefore be the same as the published article on the journal webpage. We can only edit newly added content: description, preface, and/or biographical notes.

JF Book Publisher’s book are generally published in English.

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Please contact us for detailed information about products and services.

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There are several international authors that have published their work with us. Our publisher has international standardized quality, proofread and designed by an expert. We are ready to help you to own your International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

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Nowadays, Publishing book become more popular in academic and non-academic field. International Publication make it easier to distributed a book within the international scale. JF Publisher helps author to share author knowledge globally. come and join us to become worldwide known author!