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We as an international journal and book publisher are accessible to every researcher and academic to distribute knowledge globally. also provides open access journals that can be cited for research.

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JF Publisher contains open access journal that can be accessed by every international researcher and international reader to explore and cite the research content.

Sharing Global Knowledge

All the published research written in English within the global content, therefore it is easier to reach out International reader. Researcher can share their knowledge worldwide.

Transparent Peer Review

JF Publisher help to complete your academic publication in ideal time. The manuscript will be reviewed in certain time within the suitable focus and scope.

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Aim & Scope

We have a wide aim and scope of various fields.


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JF Publisher established in January 2022 is an International Journal and book Publisher that manages several scopes of scientific journals such as Law, Social and Humanities, Management, Education, Health, Pharmacy and Biology as well as Multidisciplinary fields. JF Publisher accepts the best manuscripts of students, researchers and academics to publish scientific articles. Thus, the research results can be disseminated and shared with researchers around the world. JF Publisher committed to share knowledge and provide constructive discussion forums that lead to a better change.

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