What is Quartiles in the Scopus Indexation

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What is Quartiles in the Scopus Indexation

What is Quartiles in the Scopus Indexation

Scopus is an indexation of international journals. Scopus is included in the category of highly reputable and impactful international journals. This Indexation, scopus assesses journals using a journal quality clustering system known as Quartile (Q).

There are four categories, it begins from Quartile 1 (Q1), Quartile 2 (Q2), Quartile 3 (Q3), and Quartile 4 (Q4). The clustering order is sorted from highest to lowest. That is, Quartile 1 (Q1) is the highest level in the journal in Scopus, and Quartile 4 (Q4) is the lowest in clustering in Scopus.

You can access on Scopus.com to look up for Scientific Journal Rankings (SJR) for journals that has Scopus indexes.

The steps to determine a journal’s quartile level using the Scopus website are as follows:

First, open the Scopus website via the address https://www.scopus.com/

Second, if you already have an account please login, and if you don’t have an account select “Create Account”
Than, click the “sources” menu

In “highest percentile” column, it will display the percentile of the journal, along with the order of percentage for “highest percentile” for each journal in Scopus indexation.

If a journal has a quartile between 75%-99%, then it is included as Q1 category
If a journal has a quartile between 50%-74%, then it is included as Q2 category
The journal quartile classified as Quartile 3 (Q3) if it is between 25% and 49%
And, the journal quartile classified as Q4 if it is between 0% and 24%.

Based on the percentages above, it can be concluded that journals in Quartile 1 (Q1) category have the highest level of quality and influence on science and human life with a percentage of 75-99%. Next, followed by Quartile 2 (Q2), Quartile 3 (Q3), and Quartile 4 (Q4)

For articles can be accepted in Scopus indexed journals, it should go through a strict scientificf review. Moreover, to make it easier for you to publish articles in Scopus indexed journals, you can contact us on 08988589601 or read the tips and tricks.



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