Type Of Abstract Based On Writing Format

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Type Of Abstract Based On Writing Format

One of the structures that must be present in an article is the abstract. Abstract can be written in Indonesian, English, or both. Abstract has the crucial role in scientific research, that aims to provide the brief summarize of the article itself. In addition, abstract also beneficial for readers in understanding the main point of the article without reading the whole context. Type of abstract based on writing format

Abstract consist of introduction, research objectives, methodology, discussion results, and conclusions. Abstract written in 150-250 words, along with 3-5 words as a keywords. Based on the writing style of writing, there are various kind of abstracts, such as:

1. Structured

Abstracts with a structured type usually consist of several paragraphs including introduction, materials and methods, results, and conclusion.

2. Semi-Structured

This type of abstract is only written in one paragraph, but in semi-structured it is still divided into structures

3. Non Structured

This type of abstract has an unstructured model and is only written in one paragraph.

The format of writing an abstract is similiar as the way of writing other sections of the article. Abstract is written simply one paragraph and has very few words, The format for writing an abstract are:

  1. Research background
  2. Research objectives
  3. Formulation of the problem in the research
  4. Methods used in research
  5. Results of the research
  6. Brief conclusions in the research conducted


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