Tips and Trick to Publish on Scopus

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Tips and Trick to Publish on Scopus

Tips and Trick to Publish on Scopus


Scopus is a highly reputable journal; Scopus presents academic research journals of researchers around the world. All journals on the Scopus portal have a strict selection procedure, including checking originality, writing quality, and research time. Therefore, to be able to publish articles in the Scopus journal, they must go through a long review process. Before the article is published on Scopus, you must follow a few rules to get it past the review process. Here are some tips and tricks to help your journal get published on Scopus

The structure of article should meet the standards

First, make sure your article meets international standards. The structure of the text in the article is an important part; a good article must contain an abstract, introduction, research methods, results and discussion, conclusions and references or a bibliography

Choose the topic that are not out of date

Second, the articles that will be published in Scopus journal should contain interesting topics, contain latest issues, and able to provide research gaps. in an article, topic research are crucial. Make sure the topics contained in the article discuss the current issues and not the old issues, to attract readers’ interest.

State the Novelty

The next tip is to ensure your article has a novelty that is interesting to readers. Novelty in research is important because good research is, if one finds discoveries to contribute to science and life

Make sure the citated references not more than 10 years

The last tip to make it easier for your article to be published on Scopus is to make sure the references or references you use in the article are between five to ten years (not older than ten years). Your journal publication also impacts by the renewal of the references you use on Scopus.


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