The Reason Why Abstract Is Important

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The Reason Why Abstract Is Important

An abstract is a short summary of the research paper, usually about a paragraph (6-7 sentences, 150-250 words) long. In addition, abstract provides the research objective, method, result, and conclusion that the readers do not need to read the whole paper.

The reason why abstract is the essential in the research paper

  1. Helps readers find the relevance of the research study for their own research.
  2. Explains the important findings for readers who have limited time to read the paper.
  3. Provides rank articles in keyword-based searches on academic databases.

The purpose of writing an abstract in research is necessary, including:

  1. Submitting articles to publishers
  2. Submission of research proposals
  3. Thesis completion and submission
  4. Proposal submission for conference papers

The outline of the abstract includes the following sections:

1. Background of the writing

The author explains the importance in conducting the research study with the phenomenon that occurs as the main information in doing the research.

2. Research Problem

The author provides the problem statement of the research, scope of the research, and brief explanation of the research objectives.

3. Methodology

The author explains the specific approach and model in the their research, along with the type of evidence used in the research.

4. Results

Scientific research aims to obtain specific data that shows the results of the research. Therefore, the author explains the results and discuss the findings of the research briefly.

5. Conclusion

The author explains how this scientific work contributes to society, provide the insight for the reader, and as the source of future researchers.


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