Stop Buying Pirated Books

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Stop Buying Pirated Books


Copyright violations on books are a type of work that imitates or copies the content, ideas, or works of others without express permission or consent. Pirated books abound on social media, selling new bestsellers at low prices. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the difference between the original and a pirated book.

Stop buying pirated books and here are the differences between pirated books and original books when buying at online or offline bookstores. Understanding this will help you avoid scams and ensure that you receive a product that meets your expectations:

1. Check the legality of publishing your book by reading how to get a license and the procedures for publishing a book.

2. Check whether the book has an ISBN and an official registration number. Book registration and book numbering systems based on registration numbers are very important. Using an ISBN for your book also adds significant value.

3. Always check the authenticity of the seller. You can track the credibility of the seller by checking store reviews.
4. Scan the barcode on the back of the book. This tip can be used in conjunction with the Goodreads app as it can be used more efficiently.
5. Quality of physical aspects. Check if the book has the publisher’s logo on the cover.


Hopefully, these differences between pirated and real books will convince you to stop buying pirated books and give you some tips to avoid buying pirated books. It is very important to be aware of the legal and ethical risks of purchasing pirated software. Reading pirated books is unethical piracy. As literature lovers, we need to support the legality of purchasing original books, since this action shows that we may protect the rights of authors and publishers who are responsible for their works.

Therefore, let’s be smart consumers who uphold honesty and honor the creative people who have contributed to the writing industry. Besides helping to maintain a vibrant reading culture, we should also give our full support to local authors and independent publications. Buying original books means actively appreciating literary works. Moreover, it recognizes the achievements of writers and encourages the growth of the legal publishing industry.

Those are the points that must be considered in distinguishing pirated and original books. You can read more articles about writing tips, publishing journals, and getting to know scientific journals by visiting us at @jfpublisher and @jakadjournal. For more information on journal publication, please contact us at +62 813-5858-0584.


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