Preparing for International Journal Submission

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Preparing for International Journal Submission

Writing an article for an international journal is an important step in sharing your research and scholarly contributions with the global academic community. Good preparation before writing can help ensure that your article meets the standards required for publication. Here are some tips you can follow before you start writing:

  1. Understand the Purpose of the Journal:

    Read the journal’s author guidelines carefully in order to understand the purpose, scope, and formatting requirements. Ensure your article matches the research focus of the journal.

  2. Research the Literature:

    Conduct in-depth research on your topic and review related literature. Identify gaps in knowledge that your research may fill. Be sure to refer to relevant research and acknowledge the contributions of other researchers.

  3. Build a Logical Sequence:

    Plan the structure of your article carefully. Start with an introduction that explains the background, purpose and relevance of your research. Systematically organize the methods, findings, and analysis. End with a conclusion that summarizes the main results and their implications.

  4. Use Clear and Precise Language:

    Use language that is easily understood by the reader. Avoid using ambiguous or overly technical words, unless necessary. Do not forget to explain terms or concepts that may be unfamiliar to the reader.

  5. Observe Research Ethics:

    Be sure to follow the ethical standards of research, including acknowledging resources used, identifying proper authors, and disclosing conflicts of interest if any. This is important to maintain integrity and trust in scientific research.

  6. Maintain Methodological Quality:

    Make sure your research methods are robust and in line with scientific standards. Describe the research design, tools used, and data analysis used to support your findings in detail. Avoid bias and consider the strengths and limitations of your research.

  7. Check and Revise:

    After completing the first draft, take the time to proofread your article. Check for any grammar, spelling, and writing errors. Make sure the flow of your argument is consistent and coherent.

  8. Request Peer Review:

    Before submitting your article, ask for any feedback from peers or colleagues with similar experience in the same field. An outside review can help you identify areas that need improvement before submitting the article to a journal.

  9. Follow the Author Guidelines: Follow the journal’s author guidelines carefully when you are ready to submit your article. Follow the prescribed submission procedures and include any additional documents requested, such as cover letters and disclosure forms.

By following these tips, you can prepare yourself well before writing an article for an international journal. Thorough preparation will help improve the quality of your article and improve your chances of getting published in the desired journal.

These are the things you need to prepare before writing an article for an international journal. You can read more articles about writing tips, publishing journals, and getting to know scientific journals by visiting us at @jfpublisher and @jakadjournal. For more information on journal publication, please contact us at +62 813-5858-0584.


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