National and International Journals’ Indexation

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National and International Journals’ Indexation

National and International Journals’ Indexation


Researchers and librarians use indexation as a way to find scientific literature online. Journal indexation is registering a journal with reliable indexing organization. Public will be informed regarding the index of the journals. The journal will indirectly have benefits from increased global citation if it has been indexed in numerous databases. When the number of the journal citations increases, it will increase journal’s reputation.

Several Types of Journal Indexation

The index that available in A&I categorized as paid and free services. The paid category, include membership systems such as Crossref and ProQuest. While free services include Google Scholar EBSCO, DOAJ, etc.


Besides being categorized as paid and free, journal indexation is categorized by national and international journals. Moreover, there are several known national and international journal indexing:

National Indexation Journal


Science and Technology Index or commonly known as SINTA is online scientific indexation managed by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. SINTA known as the most familiar Indonesian National Index. The journals that indexed on SINTA categorized from SINTA 1 to SINTA 6. SINTA journal’s rank are scaled based on the quality. For example is SINTA 2 certainly better than SINTA 4.

GARUDA (Garba Rujukan Digital) 

GARUDA is a reference indexation for scientific journals of researchers and academics on a national scale in Indonesia, but is still not as reputable as SINTA.

National and International Journals’ Indexation

International Indexation Journal

There is also an international indexation in addition to the national index. These indexations which contain international journals are described below:

Google Scholar 

Google Scholar is an indexation that contains a variety of scientific publications. You can access articles in various foreign languages online. However if you want to find journals in Indonesian, you can use the keyword “Google Cendekia” in the search engine. In the international journal indexation, Google Scholar has a low reputation.


Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), is an indexing site for international journals with intermediate reputation categories. DOAJ can be accesed in this link


Copernicus classified as International Indexation Journals in intermediate reputation. This scientific publications has various scientific focus and scopes. You can find various reference journals on the Copernicus link below:


Scopus is an indexation of the most popular academic journals in the world that have a high reputation and impact in finding reference of journals and articles. You can learn more about indexation by clicking the following link

Web of Science (WOS)

WOS is an online journal indexation service, Web of Science was formerly known as Thomson Reuters index before it became Web of Science. WOS is another high-reputation publication index beside Scopus. However, Indonesian researchers are less familiar about WOS, therefore many people prefer Scopus. You can access to find WOS indexed reference journals via the link


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