How to Publish Without Manuscripts

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How to Publish Without Manuscripts

How to Publish Without Manuscripts


Often many lecturers, researchers, or students find it difficult with the demands of publishing articles in national and international journals, due to limited time, data and others. This can be overcome by making a thesis or dissertation as material for making the journal article. How to publish without manuscripts

The demand for publishing articles in national and international journals is currently a requirement for many things in the academic field, for example, rank, BKD, thesis or thesis trial and so on. 

To overcome the time constraints in publishing journal articles, it can be overcome by making your thesis, thesis, or thesis as material for making articles. 


However, it should be noted that the articles written must meet journal standards, such as: 

(a) Abstract 

First, the abstract becomes shorter, the number of words in the abstract is written as many as 150-250 words, containing research background, methodology, objectives, benefits, research results and conclusions. 

(b) The Introduction is More Focused on The Topic Raised

The introduction written in the article must be more concise, brief and contain all the focus and research topics that explain the background, objectives, benefits, and problem formulation.  

(c) Research Results

Contains data related to the formulation of problems or hypotheses, in the results of this study also answers the formulation of existing problems and displays research data. 

(d) Discussion of The Research 

Furthermore, this section is written more briefly by prioritizing the relationship with previous research. 

(e) Conclusion

Similar to a thesis or thesis in a journal article, you must also include a conclusion that summarizes the results of the research that has been carried out. 


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