How to Find Novelty in Research

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How to Find Novelty in Research

How to Find Novelty in Research

Novelty is a new discovery or renewal in a research. It’s means that novelty is how researchers in their research find new knowledge, information, methods from previous research. 

Novelty in a research is important because a research must contain benefits or impacts for the environment and from a social perspective. The following points may help you find novelty in your research:


1. Read the research literature

First, to find innovation in research is read lots of research literature. Searching for literature on similar topics will assist you to determine whether an existing research topic has been used or not. In addition, you should focus on things, such as methodology, theory, and previous research findings in order to analyze your original research. You can find research literature in several online libraries, both national and international. For example, Sinta, Scopus, Google Scholar,

2. Finding Research Gap Problems

Second, unresolved problem that has not been resolve by any existing researches within your field referred as research gap. If a previous research is outdated and requires revision or updating, researchers may occasionally discover a research gap in their research. For example, there is research on internet use in 2000 is no longer valid today, and the data needs modification.  

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3. Find Variables That Have Never Been Researched

Third, one of the innovations in research comes from variables that have never been studied before. Reading the literature is your key to find out whether variables have been used or not in research in your field.

4. Apply Different Theory from Previous Research

Furthermore, a research can find novelty if it is studied using a different theory. Therefore, you can innovate your research by finding or analyzing a research with a different theories. Otherwise, you can also study it with different methodologies.


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