5 Steps Before Publishing a Scientific Article

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5 Steps Before Publishing a Scientific Article

5 Steps Before Publishing a Scientific Article

One of the popular scientific works among students, researchers, and lecturers is journal articles. Publishing articles in reputable journals require ongoing preparation, beginning with good manuscripts and other requirements. Before publishing articles, there are a few steps that need to understand.

The following points below may help your consideration of publishing your paper in a scientific journal:


1. Choose the right Journal Publication

Before submitting your journal, the first thing you need to do is find a journal publication that fits the focus and scope of your paper. It will likely be published if you submit your article to the correct publisher.

To choose the right journal publisher, you can find it on the Scopus, DOAJ, SINTA portal searching bar, or another Journal indexation searching bar.

2. Understand the Journal Ranking

After selecting a journal publisher suitable for your field, ensure you understand the journal ranking you are aiming for. The higher level of your journal will, be harder the review and revision process will be. This information helps determine the level of difficulty and quality of the journal.

For example

Scopus Q1 required a more rigorous review procedure than the quartile below (Quartile 2-4)

3. Plagiarism Check

The originality of an article is important, it has function to prove that your article is the result of your own research, and there is no element of plagiarism, to find this out, you need to apply plagiarism check.

You can check plagiarism through plagiarism check, such as Turnitin and Quetext.

4. Arrange Manuscripts based on the Journal Templates

Each journal has its own standard for each article that will be published in its journal. Standards article writing, writing systematics and article structure for each journal are set in the template for each journal.

This journal template must be considered to accelerate the process of reviewing and publishing your articles to be published.

5. Use Quality Sources

Sources or references used in the article must be sources that are relevant to your research article, sources must come from journals, books, theses, or other official documents.

The research sources must be the latest sources, the references should be at least 10 years, the maximum is 2013.


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