Reasons Your Article is rejected by Journal Publishers

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Reasons Your Article is rejected by Journal Publishers

7 Reasons Your Article is rejected by Journal Publishers


An article must successfully pass several reviews before it is published in a journal. Articles may be rejected by the publisher journal in addition to not being accepted for publication in the destination journal. we provide the 7 reasons why journal publishers reject your article.

Here are some of the reasons for why articles are rejected:

1. The Figures or Uses Insufficient References

Before you choose to write an article, you must consider the literature or the figures or uses insufficient references.  Before you choose to write an article, you must consider the literature or references. Your article could be rejected for missing literature or references; also, the references provided must be relevant to the article’s topic of discussion.

2. Incompatible With The Aim and Scope Journal

The focus and scope of the journal have been missed by the article you submitted. This can be one of the reasons the journal rejected your manuscript. Make sure to select a journal is relevant with your article before submitting to it; this will make the process of publishing your article easier for you.

3. Completed Article

Make sure your article fulfill all requirements for the paper’s structure, including the title, abstract, introduction, literature review, research methods, results and discussion, conclusions, and references.

4. Data Analysis and Procedures are still insufficient

The techniques and data analysis that are employed must be appropriate and properly described. Data related to research must contain the whole to answer the problems in the research.

5. Language and linguistic structure 

If a good idea is not written well, it will not look appealing. The key of creating quality articles is effectively communicating concepts or study topics.

6. The article’s conclusion does not represent its end

Conclusions must summarize the entire subject matter of the research. The conclusion of the paper will also be reviewed by the reviewer, just like the abstract.

7. Doesn’t Interest of the Reader

One of the causes for manuscripts being rejected by the target journal is uninteresting subjects. Due to extensive research on the subject, one of the reasons the piece loses its appeal. If the research issue is novel, then the study will be engaging.


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