DOI: Functions and How to Check It

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DOI: Functions and How to Check It

Journal publishers, academics, and scientific journal users must be familiar with the digital identity of journals or what is commonly referred to as DOI. Digital Object Identifier or abbreviated as DOI is a permanent digital identity of electronic documents. DOI is not only used to identify scientific articles but also almost every digital objects on the internet such as videos, images, documents, and so on.

Journal publishers may issue DOI for each of their published articles by registering their journals with the International DOI Foundation. After going through the registration process, the publishers may independently issue a DOI for their journals.

With DOI, the process of citing sources in research may become more efficient and structured. Researcher only need to include the DOI in their reference list, without having to worry concering changing URL or invalid links.


Function of DOI

DOI serves as a code or identification of a document. DOI will be attached to the document, even when the content or the location of the document has changed. DOI also makes it easier for anyone to find journals or documents on online search engines such as Google.

Making it easy to add citations is also an advantage of using DOI. If you’re using Mendeley as your reference management software, all you have to do is just submit the DOI number of the citations and Mendeley will automatically input it to your library. For example,

How to Check DOI?

To check whether the DOI of an article is active, you can do the following steps:

  1. Type in the search bar
  2. Enter the DOI number of an article of your choice
  3. The document with the DOI number that you were looking for will appear. You can also download the document in PDF format.


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