The Difference Between Citation and Reference

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The Difference Between Citation and Reference

The Difference Between Citation and Reference


For academics, it’s important to comprehend and master scientific publications. Ctations and references are significant components of scientific literature. What distinguishes references from citations, and is there a difference between the two?

When writing scientific papers, it’s important to cite all of the sources you used and to include references and citations to help reduce plagiarism. It also includes citations and quotes that praise the writers whose works you used as sources or references.


Definition of Reference

A reference is a list of informational sources that were used in the study. At the bottom of the scientific work page are references. Every cited source must be repeated in the bibliography or list of references.

Definition of Citations

In addition to the statement, citation is a source of information that is listed in the body of the research. Citations are used to provide the reader with information about the sources; they are often given in brackets next to the cited text. The author’s last name and the year of publication are included in citations.

Difference between Reference and Citation

What Separates a Reference from a Citation

  1. Citation the statement’s original author or source in the citation or citation section. The reader is informed about the whole source of information via the reference.
  2. Only provide the author’s name and the destination article or journal’s year of publication in the citation section. For instance, in the reference section of (Farida, 2022), the source is cited in full, including name, year, title, journal name, volume (issue), and pages. Farida, N., & Jannah, A. V., for instance (2022). Customer loyalty and the impact of service quality and customer relationship management (CRM). Journal of Entrepreneurship, 1(2), 64–77; UTSAHA.
  3. The difference in the location of the two is also different, the citation is located next to the statement. Meanwhile, references are on the last page of scientific papers in the bibliography or references


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