8 Overlooked Citations in Scientific Research

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8 Overlooked Citations in Scientific Research


In the world of scientific research, it is important to pay close attention to the sources cited. However, there are often overlooked citations, which can impact the integrity and validity of scientific work. In this article, we will identify and discuss eight frequently overlooked citations that are important to be aware of in scientific research

1. Unidentified Page Numbers.

Some authors often cite journals without including the page numbers, especially if the source comes from a digital document. It is essential to find the page numbers of the citation, or include the term “n.p.” (no page) if no page information is available.

2. Improper Use of “et al.”

The use of “et al.” (et alia, Latin for “and others”) is used to refer to more than two authors. Make sure to use “et al.” correctly according to the rules of your chosen citation format.

3. Secondary Citation.

Sometimes, authors refer to information taken from secondary sources through the primary source. Avoid using secondary sources whenever possible. If you have to use a secondary source, make sure to credit the primary source.

4. Not Including a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or URL.

If the scholarly journal has a stable DOI or URL, make sure to include it in your citation. This helps readers access the source easily. If the DOI is not available, it is best to provide the full URL or database name if the journal is accessed online.

5. Writing Style Discrepancies.

Sometimes, authors use a citation style that does not match the chosen guidelines (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). Be consistent in following the rules of the chosen citation style throughout the entire manuscript. You might consider using a reference manager to make writing citations easier.

6. Mismatches in Publication Data.

Note that mismatches in presenting publication data, such as incorrect publication year or incorrect journal title, may lead to errors in citations.

7. Not Including Important Information.

Make sure to include important information such as the volume, number, and pages of the journal. These aspects might help readers find the original source easily.

8. Citing from Unreliable Journals.

Authors should ensure that the cited journals are valid and reliable. Avoid quoting from journals that have not gone through the peer-review process or the ones that are not reputable.

Remembering and avoiding these mistakes can help improve the quality and accuracy of citations in academic papers. These are 8 things that researchers often overlook when citing from scientific journals. You can read more articles about writing tips, publishing journals, and getting to know scientific journals by visiting us at @jfpublisher and @jakadjournal.

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